Frequently Asked Questions


Who do you represent and where do you base?

We distribute the products of the following companies: “Sun Pharmaceuticals”, “Emcure” , “Hab Pharmaceuticals”, “Intas”, “UCB” We are based in India where all manufactures we represent are located.

What is your product list and what is the level of their quality?

The abovementioned firms we represent are leading the pharmacy industry, and you can find a lot of their products in the United Stated and across Europe. We offer over 1,000 products to our clients however this site is dedicated to a smart drugs only. All orders are processed and shipped from our certified, licensed, and secured pharmacy in India.

What are the reasons for lower price?

The principal reason for the reduced price of generic medicines is that these companies incur less costs in creating the generic drug and are therefore able to offer a lower price and still maintain profitability. Manufacturers of generic drugs are mainly able to avoid the following three costs that brand name pharmaceutical companies incur: (1) costs associated with the research and development of the drug; (2) costs associated with the navigating governmental bureaucracy for getting a drug onto the market as safe and effective; and (3) marketing costs. Also we possess a network of retail drug stores located in India. Having such a wide distribution network, our company is able to offer products directly from the manufacturers at the lowest possible prices.


How does my package looks like?

What is the procedure after the placement of the order?

As soon as your order is paid, the order confirmation is sent to you containing the details of your order and shipment address. You will also receive a second notice within 24 hours, confirming that your order is dispatched to he shipping facility. This is when your order is considered shipped. Finally, you will receive the next message (Customer satisfaction checkup) within 25 days, normally after picking up your order*
*Those clients who opted for EMS delivery method will receive one more message containing a tracking number. This one will be sent within 2-3 days upon dispatch of the goods to the shipping facility.

I have made payment for my order, but still got no confirmation of it, what do I do in this case? My card was charged, but I have not received a confirmation e-mail from you, why?

The confirmation messages are sent automatically after we have received your payment. So to ensure delivery of our messages to your e-mail inbox, please, review the settings of your spam filters. If you do not receive anything from us in 24 hours, please, check your trash, bulk and spam folders
• If no order confirmation is received upon the expiration of these time periods, you may need to check the spam folder of your mailbox, particularly if you specified email located on yahoo(dot)com, cox(dot)net or comcast(dot)net domains.
• If these measures brought no results and you still have no order confirmation, feel free to contact us via email, telephone or livehelp.

Is there time limit for the order cancellation?

Your order will be processed for at least 24 hours. This is when you are allowed to make changes to the details of the order and shipment address. Message saying that the order has been shipped will also notify you that our company is not able to change details of the order and shipment address any longer.

Do I have the right to waive my order if it has already been shipped?

Yes, you have such a right. You should do the following to cancel your order: You refuse to receive the parcel and send us a notification of this. When we ensure that the shipment is being delivered back to us, we refund you. But the returned goods cannot be resold, which means that the company bears damage. As part of the attempt to avoid the repeating cases of waived orders, we have the right to refuse to process your future orders, if there are any.

I ordered goods and chose Airmail shipment method. It’s been 20 days, but I still have no sign of them. I think that my order is lost, and cannot wait for 30 more days. Can I get an immediate reshipment?

Yes, we can make you an advance and reship your order without waiting for the deadline of 30 days. However, if both orders are delivered to you, you will have to pay twice. We will give you a discount on one of the orders.

Is there time limit for me to collect my order?

In most cases, the postman leaves a "pickup notice" if you are away, and your parcel will wait for you at the post office. From this point, you have two weeks (if it was an Airmail shipment) or five days (if it was EMS shipment) to collect your order or ask for redelivery.

Is my personal data safe with your company?

We are using common security standarts for E-Commerce. Payment process and personal information are protected with 128/256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted connection between your computer and our server. We keep the right to report all attempts for fraudulent usage of any billing information. Our systems don’t store your payment data, while the rest of your data, including your contacts, will only be used to contact you over your order. We want you to become our regular client, and we build our reputation on our clients. This is why we would never mail out annoying ads to your email or provide your data to any third parties.

What is the goods’ best before date?

The best before date of the product is 22 months from its manufacturing date.


Shipping price

Available shipping method Price
Airmail $ 0.00
EMS with tracking $ 15.00

Do you support overnight mail shipments?

We dispatch orders from India, where no overnight or 2-3 days deliveries can be arranged. EMS is the quickest delivery option.

What shipment options do you offer and how long does it usually take?

Only two shipment methods are available here:
• EMS: shipment time is 7-11 days, no more than 17 days
• Airmail: shipment time is 10-15 days, no more than 30 days.

What does EMS stand for?

EMS stands for Express Mail Service. It is a global express delivery service. When using EMS, an extra fee is paid to local postal service for express shipment, while the members of the Universal Postal Union, rather than an international company, deliver the shipment. In other words, EMS is a worldwide international courier service, rather than a private company.

Do you guarantee the delivery of your order.

If your order is not received in 30 days (Airmail) / 12 days (Courier) after the shipping date shown in the shipping confirmation email and the tracking ID provided appears to be invalid (Courier), we will reship your order with no extra fees. We follow the procedures above in order to give you the best buying experience.

How are the shipment methods different?

Average delivery time for EMS is about 10 days. In some cases, this time can extend to 17 days*.
As for free Airmail delivery, its average time is about 15 days. In some cases, Airmail delivery terms can extend to 30 days*.
If you order EMS shipment, you receive the tracking number for your shipment.
If you order Airmail, no tracking number is given, but you will receive a notification from us when the parcel reaches your post office.
*Unfortunately, the shipment time can be affected by various events, such as scheduled ones, like Christmas holidays (during which all the customs operate slowly and are overloaded with holiday parcels) and domestic holidays in India. The shipment can also be affected by various force-major events (strikes, natural disasters, and so on). If your order is delayed, we will notify you.

How long will I be waiting for my tracking number?

If you ordered EMS delivery, you will receive your tracking number during 3 working days after making the order. If you opted for free Airmail with no tracking, you will be allowed to request the location of your parcel only 15 days after dispatch of the order.

Where can I find a list of countries you deliver to?

The list of countries we arrange delivery to can be found on the billing page. If you can’t find your country on the billing page, you can use forwarding services like skypax (United Kingdom). **
** Our company is fully responsible for arranging the shipment to skypax addresses. We are NOT responsible for the future delivery of goods from skypax addresses to your shipment address.

How can my order be tracked?

Those clients who opted for EMS shipping will get an extra message containing a tracking number during 2-3 days upon dispatching the goods to the shipping facility.
Airmail shipping tracking information can only be retrieved upon request via customer support team 15 days after dispatching the order.

I found out that my parcel is in the “retained” status. What does it mean?

Once the shipment arrived to the customs of the destination country, it is assigned a “retained” status. In other words, your shipment goes through the customs. Within 2-5 working days, its status will change to “cleared by the customs”. You will get a free reshipment if your parcel got stuck at the customs for more than 10 days.

Will I be required to sign for the shipment upon receipt, how will it be packed and whether is it discreet?

Yes, you will need to leave your signature when collecting your goods. It will look like an envelope of A4 paper sheet size, totally discreet. You have an undeniable right for privacy, and we would never indicate any details of the goods on the package.

I specified incorrect shipping address. What should I do?

We will wait for the shipment to come back to us and send you the one to your correct address, but you will have to pay $20 extra.


How can I pay for my order?

We support credit card and Bitcoin methods of payment.

Do you have a refund policy?

We Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction on all our products. Before contacting us, please make sure you have fully followed your doctor's recommendations concerning your personal product dosage and the Instructions for use.
We offer a full refund on all our products in following cases:
- If your product is defective or expired
- If your product is damaged in transportation
- If your product is undelivered
If you are not satisfied with the effect of your medicine, pleasecontact us . We will send you the return shipping instructions and will refund your payment right after receiving the returned product.
If your order is damaged during transportation, we will ask you to send us the photo of the damaged product. Once it is received, we will either refund your payment or reship your order free of charge.
Please contact us in case of non-delivery of the product by the deadline (invalid tracking in 12 days for courier service and 20 days for Airmail). We will either reship your order free of charge or refund your payment.

Any discounts?

Please refer to our main page banners for the information up to date.


We accept order cancellation request within 24 hours after the order is placed.We are unable to accept cancellation once the order is shipped. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us at your earliest opportunity.